A new approach to save lifes through organs donation

Organtree applies Blockchain technology to help connecting donors, recipients and medical entities worldwide.

The Ecosystem already have over 20,000 active members, and it is growing stronger with every day that goes by. Get involved!
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The Organtree programme works to alleviate this situation by creating an incentive-based agreement platform between potential donors and recipients. It works like this.

1. Signing up for life

Individuals register on Organtree either as future organ donors or recipients.

Future donors also nominate someone as their beneficiary in the process. When an Organtree registered Donor is deceased, his / her organs become available for donation to Organtree recipients.

Smooth registration

Upon successful registration, potential donors will have to provide their location, blood type, and additional personal information related to their medical history.


Following the demise of the donor, the appointed next of kin will receive an agreed amount to help cover funeral costs.

2. The matching process

Hospital staff access the Organtree system to identify the most suitable recipients to match it with a donor.

Immediate availability

Upon successful registration, recipients eligible for a transplant from a matching donor will be able to accept the offer and get the gift of life once again.

Symbolic compensation

The only commitment sought is that the recipient must reimburse funeral costs to the donor’s family.

3. Mutual Support

Once a match is found and the recipient chooses to accept the donated organ/s, the recipient compensates the Donor's beneficiaries by an agreed upon amount.

Everyone benefits from this – the Donors have their loved ones compensated financially when they pass away, recipients get quicker access to the life saving or life-enhancing organs that they need and hospitals get an additional pool of donated organs to work with in order to save patients' lives.