How Organtree is different

The World’s First Decentralized Organ Donation Database

Powered by Blockchain

Organtree aims to become a global communications portals in the healthcare industry powered by Blockchain technology. Our project is not just different, but also unique because it tackles an untapped market: the lack of communication and collaboration in the organ transplant industry on a global level.

Considering the decreasing number of viable, available organs together with a corrupt system where organs are assigned to the wealthiest and not to the sickest, the Organtree vision is to ease the process with its decentralized.

To date, there are only 2 sources for organs

The Organ Donor Register, free and without remuneration, or the illegal organ trade, which is ilegal, hugely expensive and unethical.
Organtree sets out to make easier organ donations sharply by providing infrastructure, under a legal framework - combined with the incentive of the donor's beneficiaries being compensated for their associated expenditures.

Backed by a team of professionals

Health professionals, public donors, blockchain specialists, academics, health researchers, and business advisors have jumped on a journey to develop a project that could save the lives of millions in need of an organ transplant.

Ron Gologorsky
Founder and Director
After joining the army at age 18, where he served as a paramedic for the elite fighter units of the IDF, Ron decides to specialize in the luxury hospitality management industry. In the early 2000s, he relocates to London to set up Heart Watch Direct, UK’s 1st private emergency service for patients with heart disease. A few years later he founded Organtree, in the hopes of solving the human organ donation issue spread around the world.
David Welch
David Welch is an accredited solicitor who has advised and represented leading NHS employers in different legal matters. Over the years, David has also represented claimants and respondents appearing at the Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeal Tribunal, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, High Court, and County Court. He also handles trusts and professional employees at inquests, carrying out regulatory prosecutions for the Bar Standards Board, planning appeals, and contractual disputes.
Saloni Bhojwani
Financial Advisor
With an MBA in Business Administration and a BA in Economics, Saloni is the Headof Growth for Zebra Fuel Ltd. Given her extensive experience in the financialindustry, Saloni joins the Organtree team as a financial advisor.
David Hersh
With over 25 years of experience in marketing and advertising, David joins the Organtree project as a skilled advisor of all things related to the advertising strategy, concepts, and budgets. After studying Jewish law and applied best practices in the UK and Israel, David is in charge of providing useful advice and information with regard to the rulings of the Jewish courts and practices within the Jewish community on all aspects pertaining to organ donation.
Dr. Irit Iskevitch
Dr. Irit Iskevitch joined the Organtree project as a consultant. With vast experience in the general dentistry field, she brings medical experience from a different domain, but she greatly believes in the mission pursued by our project.
Dr Marmur Uri
Live in Israel. Medical school in Italy. Training in Israel in Ophthalmology. Fellow in London. Consulted in assuta. Medical Center.
Mordehay Vaturi MD.
After graduating Magna cum Laude at Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mordehay Vaturi pursued Cardiology as a profession. At the moment, he works in the Echocardiography Unit and Valvular Clinic section at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel. He specializes in valvular disease, heart failure, and stress echocardiography.
Nick Green
Head of Growth
Nick Green joins the Organtree team as the Head of Growth. With extensive experience in business management and startup dynamics, Nick is also the Head of Strategy for UK’s first digital petrol station, Zebra Fuel Ltd.
Charles Warburg
UI/UX Graphic Designer
Charles is a skilled graphic designer that specializes in branding & identity and UI/ UX design. He studied Graphic Design at Brighton University, and since then he has been working as a freelance designer for various companies and projects. Core Pro Sciencies: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.
Daniel Gologorsky
Operations Manager
Daniel Gologorsky specializes in logistics and operations for deliveries & product management for back-end admin systems and live operations/customer service. With a background at Deliveroo, Daniel is currently on the board of ZebraFuel Ltd, as Advisor of Operations. Daniel is working with Ron, his father, to further promote the Organtree project and save lives.s.
Gaby gaasenbeek
Head of Social Media
With 20+ years in IT and 5 years in crypto, Gabi has a lot of experience to contribute to blockchain projects. She supported several great projects over the past years. She is the founder of, a community for women in the blockchain world.
Head of ICO marketing
In the crypto market for the last 4 years even in university Max was trading and advertising his way to his fortune, now fully settled as an online marketing specialist revolving around crypto currency.
Adriana Rodríguez
Artist Illustrator
Adriana is leading Quo Agency on taking Organtree's abstract concepts into beautiful illustration artwork.
Víctor Borges
Motion Graphics Animator
Víctor is the master animator at Quo Agency, creating a memorable and meaningful media artwork for Organtree.
Maayan Peri
CRMD Technical Support, Clinical Manager